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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ancient Egypt: Text and Image Integration

Ancient Egyptian art had the deepest integration of text and image. Probably over 90% of all images has some text comments, sometimes very lengthy and long.
This text-image integration may be results of hieroglyphic system when text by nature is an image, and image often n can be read as a text.
Similarly in Chinese culture long especially poetic comments are very typical for classical paintings.
Just couple examples (click to see more details)
This is a typical description of traveling through the land of death with lengthy commentaries – popular type of “adventure literature” in Ancient Egypt – univalent of current adventure/horror movies.

Other image shows that even sculpture could be excessively covered with text.
This sculpture provokes strange analogy: Could it be that popularity of tattoos could have similar driving desire to add text to a human body.


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